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iRead4Skills Presents at Inclusion4Schools International Conference in Budapest

At a pivotal moment for iRead4Skills, the project actively engaged in the prestigious Inclusion4Schools International Conference hosted in Budapest, November 28-29, 2023. Raquel Amaro and Susana Correia, representing NOVA FCSH, delivered a presentation titled “iRead4Skills: developing reading skills and habits to improve people’s lives.

The conference convened an assembly of 174 participants hailing from more than 15 countries. Over a meticulous two-day program, discerning educators, scholars, and practitioners engaged in deliberations of pedagogical import, specifically centered on education, inclusion, and segregation, with a discerning focus on the European paradigm.

The presentation not only underscored the academic advantages intrinsic to the project but also explicated the concomitant enrichment and empowerment manifest in the cultivation of a robust reading culture.

The presentation resonated with an attentive audience, elucidating the project’s potential to ameliorate educational disparities and instigate a culture of sustained intellectual cultivation. Interlocutory sessions afforded attendees the opportunity for substantive discourse, with expressed interest in the assimilation of iRead4Skills methodologies into extant educational paradigms.

For those desirous of a more profound exposition of our experiential insights at the conference, we extend an invitation to peruse the dedicated repository here.

The Inclusion4Schools International Conference served as a crucible for meaningful networking, instigating collaborations and affiliations oriented towards the advancement of inclusive education. Discourse encompassed optimal pedagogical modalities, along with strategies for circumventing impediments to educational parity, thereby synthesizing a multifaceted compendium of discernments.

In steadfast commitment to the iRead4Skills initiative, we persist in our mission to champion inclusive education, anchoring our pursuits in the development of reading skills that not only empower individuals but effectuate transformative societal change. Track our ongoing endeavors on all social media channels through the hashtags #iRead4Skills, #Inclusion4Schools, #EducationConference, #InclusiveEducation, and #EducationForAll to remain apprised of our academic contributions to the evolution of inclusive educational landscapes.

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Research Executive Agency. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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