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jeudi, juillet 13, 2023

iRead4Skills Joins European Basic Skills Network

iRead4Skills has become a member of the European Basic Skills Network (EBSN). As a non-profit association, EBSN brings together policymakers and providers engaged in adult basic skills training, aiming to promote excellence in policy design and implementation at European, national, and regional levels. This membership further solidifies iRead4Skills’ commitment to fostering education, employment, social inclusion, and sustainable economic growth.

EBSN’s primary focus lies in five key areas of basic skills development: literacy, numeracy, digital competence, oral communication, and second language proficiency for immigrants. Additionally, the network recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship, soft skills, and other key competences, which may be included in its thematic scope in the near future.

By joining the European Basic Skills Network, iRead4Skills gains a platform to contribute to policy measures that support individual development, active citizenship, and employability through basic skills training. The project’s emphasis on quality provision and teacher training aligns with EBSN’s goals, fostering best practices and ensuring that educators are equipped with the necessary tools to empower learners.

iRead4Skills’ involvement will help promote research in the field of basic skills and contribute to the flexible access of adults to training programs. The project recognizes the significance of motivational factors in learning and aims to address these issues within the network. The integration of basic skills into vocational training and the validation of prior learning are also areas where iRead4Skills seeks to make meaningful contributions.

With this new partnership, iRead4Skills joins a distinguished group of organizations and institutions that are members of EBSN. The network’s current members include renowned entities such as ministries of education, universities, research centers, and non-governmental organizations from across Europe. This collaborative environment provides a unique opportunity for iRead4Skills to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and engage in constructive dialogue with like-minded individuals and organizations.

For more information about the European Basic Skills Network and its current members, please visit

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